And another blog is born!

I read somewhere recently that blogging is dying off – that people are opting for other forms of social media to get their daily fix of whatever it is that they want to know more about.  Well that just figures. I’m always late to the party! Just as I finally get around to starting my own blog – an idea I’ve toyed with and dismissed repeatedly for several years for several reasons – the blogging universe is getting ready to pack it in and call it a day? 

It’s a good thing I’m not really expecting anyone to actually read my blog then, eh? Erm, except my parents and husband – I definitely expect them to follow me here.  Oh, and Melissa and Courtney and Terri and Jess and Rachel and Anna and Launa.  And Andrea. And Emma and Ragan. And Jenn! And my Sarahs – in Newmarket and Australia. Yes, reading my blog on a regular basis will become a condition of our friendship, going forward.

All kidding aside, I’m pretty excited about my little itty-bitty corner of the web here.  Any day now, my husband and I will be welcoming our first baby to the world.  We are giddy with happiness, and we haven’t even met our wee one yet! (Ha! WordPress autocorrected ‘wee’ to ‘ewe’.  No, we are not having a female sheep.  We are having a human baby.  Sheesh.) I’m about to enter a world that is familiar to many women but is currently very foreign to me – one where I press ‘pause’ on my professional life and dedicate my time and focus to learning how to be the best mummy I can be.  This blog will be my attempt to keep my brain cells sharp as I navigate my way through the unfamiliar territory of diaper changes and late night feedings and the myriad other mysteries of parenthood that we will soon be privy to. My fingers are crossed that blogging doesn’t go the way of the dinosaur just yet.  🙂

11 thoughts on “And another blog is born!

  1. Amazing first entry…looking forward to reading many more. Such a great way to keep track of all the exciting things happening in your life, one day you can share it with your kids!

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