Due date, schmue date

**Disclaimer: The due dates referred to within this blog post are pregnancy due dates, not school assignment due dates.  As a teacher and a hyper-organized person, I take school due dates very seriously and encourage all students and their parents to do the same! 'Due date, schmue date' should not be a  phrase heard coming from the mouth [...]

Does Your Child Have Special Needs?

Still. No. Baby. Today is the wee one's official due date.  Since getting up this morning, I have scrubbed and polished the kitchen (what is it about a clean sink and clear countertop that give me so much peace??), laundered our bedding, shaved my legs (with GREAT difficulty), done my hair and make-up, stocked the [...]

Nomad, No More

I have always considered myself a nomad.  Never quite settled anywhere, always searching for the next adventure, the next learning experience, moving from place to place.  Ultimately, I think I have just been looking for the place where I fit. One of my favourite quotes comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's poem "All that is gold does [...]

My 5 Favourite Uses for Coconut Oil

A superfood that not only nourishes us from the inside, but has a multitude of beauty benefits when used on the outside too?  And it doesn't break the budget? And it's available as close as your nearest grocery store?  AND its scent can instantly transport you back to your last beachy vacay?! Sounds too good [...]

The Nesting Instinct aka Woman Possessed

You've probably heard that a lot of women experience the need to clean and organize when they are pregnant.  This need is often referred to as 'nesting'.  Some people believe that nesting is a sign that labour will start soon (they are wrong).  If that were true, then I've been about to go into labour [...]