Due date, schmue date

**Disclaimer: The due dates referred to within this blog post are pregnancy due dates, not school assignment due dates.  As a teacher and a hyper-organized person, I take school due dates very seriously and encourage all students and their parents to do the same! ‘Due date, schmue date’ should not be a  phrase heard coming from the mouth of any student, ever!**

And now back to my regularly scheduled post…

I have come to the conclusion that due dates are nothing more than another means of driving a pregnant woman insane.  Continue reading

Does Your Child Have Special Needs?

Still. No. Baby.

Today is the wee one’s official due date.  Since getting up this morning, I have scrubbed and polished the kitchen (what is it about a clean sink and clear countertop that give me so much peace??), laundered our bedding, shaved my legs (with GREAT difficulty), done my hair and make-up, stocked the fridge and pantry, googled ‘arm knitting’ (a new hobby perhaps?), and watched a couple episodes of Brooklyn 9-9 (that show cracks me up!).  My inner productivity junkie is satisfied.  But there is still soooooooooo much day left.

So I thought I’d do some blogging.

Today I’m going to venture into new territory and talk about one of my passions: education.  Even though school doesn’t start until September 8th here, teachers are already getting their classrooms ready and parents are stocking up on back-to-school supplies for their kids.  I love my summers off, but they start to feel pretty long by mid-August and I always looked forward to getting back into my room and setting it up for my next group of learners.  Continue reading

DIY: Pregnancy Silhouette Photos

My husband and I never got on the maternity photo shoot bandwagon.  There is a cheese factor to (many of) them that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I would post some examples but I don’t want to offend anyone – to each their own and lots of people like photos of large, naked, pregnant bellies.  (Hmm..that sounds way creepier than intended!)

Documenting my pregnancy with regular pictures of my growing belly has been important to me, though.  Yesterday I decided to take a different approach to a belly pic, using a blogger’s link that was emailed to me.  (I should also note that I was quite convinced that yesterday was the day, and felt an urgency to capture the final moments before meeting our wee one.)  Continue reading

Demise of a Productivity Junkie?

There’s a Yiddish proverb that goes something like “We plan, God laughs”.  Woody Allen tweaked it to be “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.”

I’m more interested in making my friends laugh, (although I’m sure God could use a good giggle what with all the nonsense humans are up to these days), so I’ve tweaked it further still:

If you want to make your mommy friends point and laugh hysterically at you until their already-limited bladder control fails them, tell them your plans for your maternity leave.

Not nearly as elegant as those Yiddish folk, but I’m going with it.  Continue reading

Nomad, No More


I have always considered myself a nomad.  Never quite settled anywhere, always searching for the next adventure, the next learning experience, moving from place to place.  Ultimately, I think I have just been looking for the place where I fit.

One of my favourite quotes comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem “All that is gold does not glitter”.  You’re probably familiar with it (and if you’re not, get out from under that rock!).  The line is ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’   Continue reading

My 5 Favourite Uses for Coconut Oil


A superfood that not only nourishes us from the inside, but has a multitude of beauty benefits when used on the outside too?  And it doesn’t break the budget? And it’s available as close as your nearest grocery store?  AND its scent can instantly transport you back to your last beachy vacay?! Sounds too good to be true, but lucky for us, coconut oil is all of these things and then some!  Continue reading