I don’t even really like donuts!

A couple months ago, I started the bad well-deserved habit of stopping for a steeped tea and donut on my way to OB appointments.  It’s a half hour drive and I’m always poked and prodded when I get there, so a little treat to rally my spirits was in order, wouldn’t you say? 

Recently I started taking notice of how much enjoyment I actually get from that donut.  I order the double chocolate kind…which is basically chocolate cake with frosting.  Yep, I eat chocolate cake before having my glucose levels and weight checked at my doctor’s office. But what I noticed is that I wasn’t so much eating the donut as I was inhaling it.  Like, I’d barely have pulled away from the drive-thru window and all I’d have left was my tea and an empty paper bag.  I really didn’t even have a memory of eating of the donut.  There was no savouring, no appreciating.

I had an OB appointment at 8:30 this morning, so I made my tea and donut stop.  Today I decided to pull into a parking spot to eat my donut cake, to see if I would slow down and enjoy it if I wasn’t also concentrating on driving.  Note the time on my car’s clock.




Poof! Gone.

I demolished that puppy in under 2 minutes, and I wasn’t even trying to eat it quickly in order to impress all 5 of the people who read my blog!

The amount of time I am going to have to spend on a treadmill to burn off these donuts-I’m-not-even-tasting/enjoying/remembering is NOT worth it.   I’m not even a donut person.  I would much rather have a ginger molasses cookie.

So this is serving as an accountability post – no. more. donuts.

(Except I might have one more OB appointment next week if Baby hasn’t come out yet…and you know, habits can be tough to break…sooooo…there might be 1 more donut….)

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