DIY: Pregnancy Silhouette Photos

My husband and I never got on the maternity photo shoot bandwagon.  There is a cheese factor to (many of) them that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I would post some examples but I don’t want to offend anyone – to each their own and lots of people like photos of large, naked, pregnant bellies.  (Hmm..that sounds way creepier than intended!)

Documenting my pregnancy with regular pictures of my growing belly has been important to me, though.  Yesterday I decided to take a different approach to a belly pic, using a blogger’s link that was emailed to me.  (I should also note that I was quite convinced that yesterday was the day, and felt an urgency to capture the final moments before meeting our wee one.) 

Using the step-by-step instructions provided by Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters, I managed this:


All by myself with my iPhone 6!  Ann Marie’s instructions were so clear and easy to follow.  The hardest part for me was setting my phone on a high enough surface to get the frame I wanted – I needed a chair, then a tower of shoeboxes, and finally a book on which to lean my phone.  A professional’s studio, it was not, but it got me a shot that I am really happy with and don’t find remotely cheesy.

For some reason, the super-largeness of my belly wasn’t captured quite as accurately as I had hoped, so I took this silly mirror selfie afterwards:


So, Wee One, we’ve got pictures your mama is happy with, documenting your (hopefully) final hours in utero!  It’s GOT to be getting pretty snug in there…why don’t you just come out and meet us now? We absolutely can’t wait to hold you on the outside!

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