5 Gift Ideas for the Lovely Lady on your List


Christmas always has a way of sneaking up on us, doesn’t it?  Even though the stores start exploding with Christmas stuff  before the kids have finished trick or treating, it seems that a lot of people are still stressing and scrambling to find the perfect gifts right up to the last minute, as if they didn’t know all year long that Christmas was happening again this December.  Not me, of course.  My Inner Productivity Junkie makes sure that gifts are bought and wrapped a couple weeks after the previous Christmas season comes to an end. No silly, I’m not really that anal organized.  But I’m not far off.

In an effort to help you get ahead of the Christmas rush this year, I came up with some ideas for the girly-girl on your list.  Continue reading

The Cult of Runners


What I used to think about running

Remember back when you were  a little kid in elementary school…when the bell rang for recess, we couldn’t get outside fast enough.  We ran for the doors, and when we reached them, we kept on running.  Often with no direction or endpoint in mind.  We just ran and screamed and laughed maniacally, like little crazy people. After sitting at our desks all morning or afternoon, it felt amazing to run and let our bodies move so fully and freely.

You know what?  Running is the same as a grown up.  (Er, minus the screaming and laughing maniacally part.)  It feels so good to move.  Continue reading

All that noise be making Mama cra-zay


I have always been a believer in trusting your instincts – trusting your gut.  And I’m not usually an anxious person.  In fact, I think I’m pretty easygoing about most things, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I embrace change.  Motherhood takes change to a whole new level, though, and to say it has been an easy adjustment would be a boldface lie.  One day it was just me and my husband, the next we had this little person entirely dependent on us for everything!  Rationally, we knew this would be the case when we found out I was pregnant.  Before baby arrives though, you just can’t imagine the sheer quantity of information you will come to need and know.  And since babies don’t come with instructions, whenever I have had a question or concern about my son or his development, I go where everyone goes with their questions and concerns in life: Google.  Continue reading