5 Gift Ideas for the Lovely Lady on your List


Christmas always has a way of sneaking up on us, doesn’t it?  Even though the stores start exploding with Christmas stuff  before the kids have finished trick or treating, it seems that a lot of people are still stressing and scrambling to find the perfect gifts right up to the last minute, as if they didn’t know all year long that Christmas was happening again this December.  Not me, of course.  My Inner Productivity Junkie makes sure that gifts are bought and wrapped a couple weeks after the previous Christmas season comes to an end. No silly, I’m not really that anal organized.  But I’m not far off.

In an effort to help you get ahead of the Christmas rush this year, I came up with some ideas for the girly-girl on your list. 

Why did I choose the girly-girl instead of, say, the muscle head? For 2 reasons:

  1. Everyone has a girly-girl on their Christmas list.  She may not show blatant, outward signs of it, and she might just punch you in the throat if you call her one to her face, but rest assured, she’s a girly-girl.  (Pssst…Every girl is, to some degree.)
  2. I have absolutely no idea what a muscle head would want for Christmas.

The following ideas range in price and level of effort required, so even if you’re skint and lazy, there is probably something for you here.

#1 – A Matt and Nat bag or wallet

vegan bag This company is all about ethics and sustainability.  They make the most gooorrrrrrgeous bags, in all kinds of shapes and sizes and beautiful, on-trend colours.  Even better than that, none of their products are derived from animals, AND they are a Canadian company.  I have a Matt and Nat diaper bag, purse, and wallet, and lovelovelove them all!  Definitely worth checking out their website – I would be very surprised if you didn’t find something for your lovely lady there.  www.mattandnat.com
#2 – Anything rose gold

iphone_cover_rose_gold_feather_scroll_iphone_5c_case-r363a9469a26c4be389a568c7bb536243_izruf_8byvr_324 Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, phone cases…anything in this feminine hue.
#3 – A Clarisonic (or similar face vibrator)

clarisonic-mia-pastels My husband calls it my face drill, I guess because it sort of has a similar shape to a drill.  It doesn’t really, though.  Men are so weird.  Anyway, I love my Clarisonic.  My skin feels so clean after using it, and it supposedly helps other products (moisturizers, etc) do their job better.  I stopped using it once my son was born – I felt I couldn’t spare the extra 60 seconds in the shower – and I really noticed a difference in my skin.  For the worse.  I have started to use it again and the improvement in my complexion was almost immediate.  Of course I had to give up shaving my legs in order to accommodate my face drilling time, but hey, Winter is coming. I need the extra warmth.

#4 – A mercury glass vase and a promise to fill it with flowers for x number of months

silver_votive_glass_vase_ribbed_1_1024x1024 There is something about mercury glass.  It has this vintage glamour feel to it that adds charm to any room.  I wanted mercury glass vases for my wedding centerpieces, so my mom and I spent half a day DIY’ing more than 40 vases.  Needless to say, we were high as kites after an afternoon spent inhaling spray paint fumes.  We may have killed off a lot of brain cells but we were thrilled with our results.  It can be difficult to find mercury glass vases; stores like HomeSense and Bowring would be where I would start the search.  It’s super easy to DIY the mercury glass look though, so if you want to make your gift even more meaningful, go that route.  I will post the steps eventually, but likely not before Christmas.  You can find DIY mercury glass instructions all over Pinterest though.  Make sure to keep that vase full of fresh, seasonal flowers for your friend/wife/mother! (Hint: It doesn’t have to be a big vase to be beautiful!)

#5 – A (pretty) jar of coconut oil

il_570xN.492216387_qmo1 This is an option for those on a limited budget.   Get yourself some mason jars – Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc – paint them up pretty, and fill them with coconut oil that you buy at the bulk food store.  If your girl doesn’t know what to do with coconut oil, she has been living under a rock.  Once she educates herself, she will wonder how she ever got by without the stuff.

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