Buh-bye, January!

polar bear swim

I could never be friends with these people.


I don’t know about you, but I am always so glad to see the end of January.  Such a bleak month.  January might not bother you if you’re a winter fanatic (aka a person I can’t really ever be good friends with because I don’t understand how anyone can be happy outside in baltic temperatures), but I am decidedly not a winter fanatic.  There were numerous days when the windchill, rain, and/or snow enticed me to scrap any plans I had made for my son and me and stay cozy at home.  It’s a cruel trick of Mother Nature that the sunniest days in January are also the ones cold enough to crack your skin open.  Cozy at home is nice, but too many days like that can lead to cabin-fever.  Mama needs to get out and spend some money get a change of scenery! And even though February can be just as cold and bleak, there is something about it being the last month before spring starts that fills me with relief and hope.

It’s because of that sense of hope and the energy that comes with it that I have decided to challenge myself to blog every day for the month of February.  -Pause for enthusiastic reaction – Writing makes me happy, and even if what I write is only read by the people who feel obligated by blood or marriage, that’s ok.  It’s not about how many hits my blog gets or how many comments are left (always welcome and appreciated…just sayin’), it’s about keeping a part of what makes me, er, me…happy and active.

So brace yourself, friends and strangers! February has a whole lot of Kelly and her questionable logic/ramblings/blonde moments coming your way! Stay tuned 🙂


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