Tasty Tuesday #1

Before getting pregnant, I was very focused on healthy, plant-based eating.  Since becoming a mom, however, my main food groups have been sugar and caffeine.  Quick and easy are the most appealing type of foods to me now, and it doesn’t get much quicker or easier than Honey Nut Cheerios! I have always had a sweet tooth that I’m happy to indulge, but lately things have gotten ridiculously out of control.  Let’s just say donuts are still very much in the picture.

In an effort to get back on track in the healthy eating department, I intend to devote my Tuesday posts to some of my favourite plant-based recipes.  This means I actually have to make them again too.  I’ll attempt some food photography, but I can guarantee you that my pictures won’t do the meals much justice.  Let my words create the picture…

I thought I’d kick off my first Tasty Tuesday (I KNOW! SO cheesy! But cute, right?) with a recipe my husband and I both really love: Cauli-Power Fettuccine Alfredo.  It’s from Angela Liddon’s blog, which is absolutely packed with delicious, plant-based recipes that are accessible to even the most challenged cooks.  I credit her cookbook, Oh She Glows, for helping me go fully vegan awhile back (more on that adventure another day).


Photo credit: Angela Liddon

I won’t bother posting the recipe here because I’ve given you the link above.  What I will do is rave about this dish! Whether you’re looking to cut back on fat, or get your kids to eat more vegetables (without them even knowing!!!), this remake of an old favourite will blow your mind!  The cauliflower blends to such a rich and creamy texture (even without a Vitamix…which I now have and A-DORE. Who knew a blender could be life-changing?) that you would swear you’re eating real alfredo sauce.  Of course you can make it even richer by adding butter and parmesan, but I recommend you try the recipe as is before making any additions or tweaks of your own.  Betcha don’t miss the extra fats!

Sidebar: I made this dish for dinner last night and the photos are laughably bad.  The meal was insanely delicious though.

Let me know if you give it a try!

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