Well, so much for my personal challenge to blog every day this month.

I made it 6 consecutive days.  6 days out of 29.

But you know what? I should have known better than to set that kind of goal for myself.  I can’t think of a time that I have ever been successful at seeing goals with time or quantity expectations through to the finish line.  The 30-day sugar challenge? (Er, that’s no sugar, people. I would kick everyone’s ass if the challenge was to eat sugar for 30 days.)  I lasted about 4 days when I tried to eliminate sugar for a month.  Four miserable, headachey days.

And there have been countless New Year’s resolutions to exercise every day in the month of January, or to drink 8 glasses of water every day for 2 weeks straight, or to eat a salad every day for a month.  Never. happens.

Because we live in a culture of avoiding blame, I will point the finger at my parents.  They let me quit everything! Ballet, jazz dancing, gymnastics, figure skating, softball, equestrian, piano.  I tried things for one or two lessons, then cried and complained until I was allowed to quit.

I have stuck out the important stuff, though.  Like school. Like my student loan payments.    Like being the mom to a very difficult feline.


I will never quit you again.

In all fairness, I was caught up in a motivated moment when I set the goal to blog every day.  I love those moments- when you’re just seized by an excited energy to accomplish something. (My Inner Productive Junkie is always behind those moments.)  But really, I don’t have enough to say to fill 29 consecutive blog posts.  Not interesting stuff, at least.  I could do it if I resorted to telling you what I ate for lunch every day, or how I approach mundane tasks like laundry, or what I would do if I won Lotto Max.  But as my husband gently reminded me when I was beating myself up for my first missed post and therefore the failure of my challenge, quality over quantity, babe.  

So, challenge schmallenge.  I will blog when I have something that I am excited to write about.  And maybe, just maybe, someone ‘out there’ will be excited to read it.

PS – Mom and Dad, Don’t feel badly about letting me quit everything as a kid.  I know I was persuasive 😉

One thought on “#bloggerfail

  1. Lol. I am remembering my experience with a cleanse that was supposed to last two weeks and I quit after four days:). I feel your pain. My friend has decided her goals will be no loftier than remembering her reusable bags at the grocery store. Aim low and over-deliver:).

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