Let’s reflect, shall we?

Yesterday was my son’s 6 month birthday.  How we are already at this point is baffling to me.  Many of our days together have felt very long.  How have 6 months’ worth of them already passed?  Seems like the expression is true: The days are long but the years are short.  Well, in my case, the months have been short.

I thought it would be interesting to look back on the goals I set for myself during my maternity leave.  Keep in mind that I set these goals before my son was born.  Before I knew better. Before I knew anything about this wild, amazing, chaotic, emotional ride called motherhood.

Goal #1: Blog every other day.

I think it’s safe to say we all know how this one has panned out.

Goal #2: Read some of my favourite blogs from their beginning to present post.

Hmmm.  Read something other than a book about baby sleep or starting solids or Style At Home magazine? Nah.

Goal #3: Spend 30 minutes on the treadmill/working out daily.


Goal #4: Try a new recipe each week.

I think I’ve tried two new recipes.  No, not each week.  Total.  Since my son was born.  Two new recipes in 6 months.  And I can’t even remember what they were now, so maybe I’m making it up and I didn’t actually try any.

Goal #5: Run a race.

This is a goal I continue to toy with.  A friend has invited me to join her in a 10K race in May, and I really do want to run it. But I want to run it in good shape, with the proper, regular training efforts put in beforehand.  See goal #3.

Goal #6: Try some of the DIY decor and gift ideas I have pinned.

As if!  I am far too discombobulated most days to do more than straighten my hair and watch Love It or List It. (Hillary and David, not Jillian and Todd)

Goal #7: Keep up with professional reading.

Does signing up for my principal’s qualification course count? I haven’t actually done any reading yet, but the course doesn’t start until April.

Goal #8: Go for monthly mani/pedi.

Yay! A goal I have achieved!  As my husband says, “Gotta take care of those trotters.”

Goal #9: Stay connected with friends through coffee dates and visits.

Yay again! I may not be as social now as I was pre-adorable-wee-man, but I am managing to see friends and family on a pretty regular basis.  I love those visits – they bring me out of my own haze and remind me that there is a world beyond the walls of my house.

Goal #10: Learn how to take and edit high-quality photographs.


Ok, so 2 out of 10 goals reached.  And still 6 months of maternity leave to go.  Will she reach more goals or won’t she? The suspense is almost too much!





2 thoughts on “Let’s reflect, shall we?

  1. NoGymRequired

    Love this 🙂 I have a 4 year old daughter. It’s so important to keep doing what you love and trying to keep active however it is hard to find time! Can’t wait to read how you get on!

    Liked by 1 person

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