I started this blog with 2 goals:

  1. To write about things that I find funny or frustrating, like my experiences as a new mama and all the learning and growth (and fear and anxiety and poop) that comes along with it; to share things that might make your life easier because they have helped me.
  2. To become filthy rich and be adored by the masses for my cuteness and amazing ideas.

There is still so much I want to write about…like my deep, deep respect for any mama doing the juggling act of life with more than one little in their care.  Or my top two enormous pet peeves: drivers who haven’t figured out when to use their signal light and the over-and often incorrect use of the word ‘literally’).  I’d like to write about friendships that no longer serve us and how it’s ok to move on and away from those people.  I’d love to share what I’m learning about simplicity parenting. I’d really like to post about my journey between vegetarianism and veganism and back, how the dairy industry fuels the veal industry, what the difference between red veal and white veal is (Did you even realize there were two types? Didja? Didja?), and the resulting internal struggles I’ve, er, struggled with as I dug deeper into the highly contentious world of what we eat.

I’ve got lots to write about. Lots to say.

But I’m not really sure when I’ll be writing it.  Or saying it.  Whatever.

You see, I have learned something about myself while on maternity leave, and that is that I am…perhaps…maybe…not as organized a person as I once prided myself in being. Most days now, I am quite discombobulated.  That could have something to do with taking a course that is requiring me to dust off brain cells that have been dormant for 8 months.  It could also have something to do with being a new mom and trying to figure things out as my adorable wee man keeps changing the game on me.  Whatever the reason, I am more scattered now than I’ve ever been in my life. So, maybe now is not the time to worry about writing.  Not that I worry about it…but my Inner Productivity Junkie is always reminding me that I haven’t written for quite some time.  When it becomes one more thing on the ‘to do’ list, I have to wonder if it is fulfilling me the way it did when my mind was a little quieter.

Now, this isn’t goodbye forever.  I know you’re dying to know more about my pet peeves and the difference between red and white veal! So I will be back. Maybe a lot sooner than I think.  For now, though, I am giving myself permission to stop writing.

**BUT…if there is anyone who would like to interview me or endorse me for being cute and full of amazing ideas, I would be willing to return to the bloggersphere in a nanosecond.  Literally.*

Florida February 2010 003a
Where is this place and how do I sign up???


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