A Letter to my Postpartum Self

Dear Formidable You, In little more than 36 hours from now, you will be holding your daughter for the first time! What a different experience this pregnancy has been: more physical discomfort thanks to wicked acid reflux and aching hips.  Definitely more of a resemblance to a beached whale when lying down. Less anxiety about [...]

Reading this might save your life…

...if your Baby Mama is on the brink of giving birth or has recently sprung your offspring from her loins. You see, no matter how well your partner has coped with pregnancy, the entire game changes once Baby arrives.  Your life could be at risk.  This is a life line, my friend.  Take it. The [...]

Angry at your kid’s teacher? Read this.

I think it's safe to say that no one makes it through life without encountering some conflict along the way.  Relationships of all kinds - personal, professional, parental - have their trying moments.  It's how we deal with these moments that defines our character and determines how well we'll sleep at night. People are emotional [...]