10 Things I Learned While Self-Isolating With My Family This Week

  1. I touch my face about 27, 000 times per day.
  2. Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime are, indeed, essential services.
  3. Going for walks is an underrated pastime.
  4. Turns out grocery shopping was, like, a hobby of mine.
  5. I need a new hobby.
  6. Examining my pores, close up, in the bathroom mirror might just be my new hobby.
  7. Being at home all day, every day, has no impact on my desire to cook, clean, or do my taxes.
  8. My family eats a lot of cheese.
  9. Continuing to wash your child in bath water that is partially comprised of melted popsicles results in the need for another bath.
  10. ‘Ryan’s World’ is the worst everrrrrrrrrrrr! Seriously, who introduced my kid to this YouTube channel? Because as soon as this ‘social distancing’ situation is done, I’m coming for you!


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