How A Morning Ritual Changed My Life

Well, hello there, you!

It’s been awhile.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted: I celebrated my Baby Girl’s first birthday and my Big Boy’s 4th. I went to Las Vegas and ate lunch in the Grand Canyon. I saw my son off on his first day of Junior Kindergarten, which, coincidentally, was also my first day back at work after a 20-month maternity leave. Continue reading

Let’s reflect, shall we?

Yesterday was my son’s 6 month birthday.  How we are already at this point is baffling to me.  Many of our days together have felt very long.  How have 6 months’ worth of them already passed?  Seems like the expression is true: The days are long but the years are short.  Well, in my case, the months have been short.

I thought it would be interesting to look back on the goals I set for myself during my maternity leave.  Keep in mind that I set these goals before my son was born.  Before I knew better. Before I knew anything about this wild, amazing, chaotic, emotional ride called motherhood. Continue reading

The Cult of Runners


What I used to think about running

Remember back when you were  a little kid in elementary school…when the bell rang for recess, we couldn’t get outside fast enough.  We ran for the doors, and when we reached them, we kept on running.  Often with no direction or endpoint in mind.  We just ran and screamed and laughed maniacally, like little crazy people. After sitting at our desks all morning or afternoon, it felt amazing to run and let our bodies move so fully and freely.

You know what?  Running is the same as a grown up.  (Er, minus the screaming and laughing maniacally part.)  It feels so good to move.  Continue reading