Reading this might save your life…

…if your Baby Mama is on the brink of giving birth or has recently sprung your offspring from her loins.

You see, no matter how well your partner has coped with pregnancy, the entire game changes once Baby arrives.  Your life could be at risk.  This is a life line, my friend.  Take it. Continue reading

Angry at your kid’s teacher? Read this.

I think it’s safe to say that no one makes it through life without encountering some conflict along the way.  Relationships of all kinds – personal, professional, parental – have their trying moments.  It’s how we deal with these moments that defines our character and determines how well we’ll sleep at night.

People are emotional – and sometimes often times, irrational beings.  When others don’t see situations through the same lens as we do, conflict can result.  Trust me, I know – I’m an elementary school teacher. Continue reading

Let’s Bring Back the Car Wave

Well hello again! It appears the world has continued to turn while I have been adjusting to new mommyhood.  And what an adjustment it has been (and will continue to be for quite some time, I suspect)!  I do plan to write about the birth of our baby in another post, I’m just not quite ready yet.  These postpartum hormones are p-o-t-e-n-t…if I cry when I run out of cereal, I’m pretty sure I will be an absolute mess if I try to write about my baby.

So for today’s return to the blogosphere, I decided to write about the car wave.  A safely unemotional topic.  Ha.  I really shouldn’t make claims like that until my post is complete…  Continue reading