Michelle Obama is human.

It’s a daycare day today! Do you know what that means, friends? It means this mama is freefreefreefreeohsogloriouslyfree to come and go and get shit done without my little cling-ons sweet children around to slow me down with all their needs that, er, need tending to. Naturally, I’m choosing to use the time to go … Continue reading Michelle Obama is human.

A Project A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I mean, maybe.  I’m not a health professional so keep eating those apples. Onwards. Are you in a bit of a rut? Feeling out of sync or out of sorts lately? It’s normal to go through periods when your energy and motivation wane.  Throw in a global pandemic that robs you of a sense of … Continue reading A Project A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I am Mama: Mover of the Things.

Recently I was chatting with one of my mama tribe pals, and I expressed some exasperation over the fact that I seem to spend the majority of most days moving things around. Toys, laundry, sunglasses, dirty dishes, clean dishes, dead batteries, bathing suits. Kids. You name it, I probably spent time moving it somewhere today. … Continue reading I am Mama: Mover of the Things.