Just kidding!


Remember that time back in 2016 when I said I was calling it a day on this whole blogging deal?

Yeah, well…

I seem to find myself in similar circumstances as I was when I first began my blog, back in 2015.  That is, pregnant.

Here in Canada, mamas now have the option of taking a mind-blowing 18 month maternity leave.  While the financial implications of this option are not exactly enticing, my husband and I agreed that the numerous benefits of staying home with my kids while they are so little just couldn’t be overlooked. Continue reading

And another blog is born!

I read somewhere recently that blogging is dying off – that people are opting for other forms of social media to get their daily fix of whatever it is that they want to know more about.  Well that just figures. I’m always late to the party! Just as I finally get around to starting my own blog – an idea I’ve toyed with and dismissed repeatedly for several years for several reasons – the blogging universe is getting ready to pack it in and call it a day?  Continue reading