A civilized birth? Why there’s simply no such thing! Or is there…?


8 days ago, I was writing a letter to my postpartum self.

Today, I have a 7-day old little girl.  Our pink buddha.  Our fraggle.  I can’t stop inhaling her.  I can’t get enough of her little squeaks, her tiny toes.  She sneezes and the roof lifts and she farts like a trucker.  We are smitten.

So…my little pickle’s birth story… Continue reading

Just kidding!


Remember that time back in 2016 when I said I was calling it a day on this whole blogging deal?

Yeah, well…

I seem to find myself in similar circumstances as I was when I first began my blog, back in 2015.  That is, pregnant.

Here in Canada, mamas now have the option of taking a mind-blowing 18 month maternity leave.  While the financial implications of this option are not exactly enticing, my husband and I agreed that the numerous benefits of staying home with my kids while they are so little just couldn’t be overlooked. Continue reading

Due date, schmue date

**Disclaimer: The due dates referred to within this blog post are pregnancy due dates, not school assignment due dates.  As a teacher and a hyper-organized person, I take school due dates very seriously and encourage all students and their parents to do the same! ‘Due date, schmue date’ should not be a  phrase heard coming from the mouth of any student, ever!**

And now back to my regularly scheduled post…

I have come to the conclusion that due dates are nothing more than another means of driving a pregnant woman insane.  Continue reading

DIY: Pregnancy Silhouette Photos

My husband and I never got on the maternity photo shoot bandwagon.  There is a cheese factor to (many of) them that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I would post some examples but I don’t want to offend anyone – to each their own and lots of people like photos of large, naked, pregnant bellies.  (Hmm..that sounds way creepier than intended!)

Documenting my pregnancy with regular pictures of my growing belly has been important to me, though.  Yesterday I decided to take a different approach to a belly pic, using a blogger’s link that was emailed to me.  (I should also note that I was quite convinced that yesterday was the day, and felt an urgency to capture the final moments before meeting our wee one.)  Continue reading

Demise of a Productivity Junkie?

There’s a Yiddish proverb that goes something like “We plan, God laughs”.  Woody Allen tweaked it to be “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.”

I’m more interested in making my friends laugh, (although I’m sure God could use a good giggle what with all the nonsense humans are up to these days), so I’ve tweaked it further still:

If you want to make your mommy friends point and laugh hysterically at you until their already-limited bladder control fails them, tell them your plans for your maternity leave.

Not nearly as elegant as those Yiddish folk, but I’m going with it.  Continue reading

The Nesting Instinct aka Woman Possessed

You’ve probably heard that a lot of women experience the need to clean and organise when they are pregnant.  This need is often referred to as ‘nesting’.  Some people believe that nesting is a sign that labour will start soon (they are wrong).  If that were true, then I’ve been about to go into labour for 9 months.  Continue reading

Jackpot! I won the pregnancy lottery!

mjaxmy1hy2qxywrkztg2mgvhmda0 Last night was not a good night.  It would be easy to blame this on my ever-growing belly and the discomfort that naturally comes with it, but my fitful sleep and subsequent move to the living room couch can only be blamed on some poor choices I made earlier in the evening, namely pizza and Coke.  I knew the combination of caffeine and heartburn would haunt me as soon as I got horizontal, but I was weak, as I typically am in the face of carbs and refined sugar. And now I feel like there is sand in my eyes and a piano tied to my waist and I have no one to blame but myself. Sitting in the dark with a very awake brain and a burning esophagus, I got to reflecting on my pregnancy. Continue reading